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  1. Dr Glen Kemp

    Glen is an experienced research and development scientist with over 25 years of experience within the global biotechnology sector, experienced in translational research, bringing biotechnology based drugs and supporting products to market.  He held a European wide management role at Millipore Ltd and has successful experience of product development, commercialization, marketing and technical support of equipment, processes and drugs in the field of biotechnology. He also has extensive experience in the leadership of multicultural teams of highly skilled and qualified scientists in a commercial environment

    In 2007 was appointed project director for the North East Proteome Analysis Facility (NEPAF) where he was responsible for the establishment of this world class commercial protein research and analysis facility.

    In 2010, Glen Joined Dream Laboratory Ltd. as a Director, drawing on his strong commercial acumen in leading edge biological sciences and global wide experience in the development and production of biopharmaceuticals and supporting products.

  2. Hanluo li

    Hanluo Li co-founded Dream Laboratory in 2010 with a MRes in Medical and Molecular Biosciences in Medical School, Newcastle University, after obtaining a BSc in Biotechnology, Wuhan University, China. With the continuous backgrounds of Translational Biomedicine and Applied Bio-research, he was appointed as the Technology Development Director.

    Hanluo has extensive experience in the biomedical research and entrepreneurial practice of cutting-edge multi-application academic projects, most recently leading a team in Biotechnology YES competition and awarded as the regional best for development and commercialization in Northeast England. He also joined Reinnervate Ltd as a skilled operational technician and had successful experience in new product launching, GMP manufacturing and quality monitoring. Professionally committed to a holistic approach to research and application, Hanluo has encouraged the practice to achieve exceptional projects on traditional biopharmaceuticals and novel clinical therapies as an advocate of creative capitalism. With the well-trained scientific attitude and critical thinking, he is passionate about making innovation happen - fighting through the platitudinous thinking and dogmatic hurdles that obstruct the transferring of technology to application.

    As the Technology Development Director, Hanluo is focusing on technology management and evaluation, interfacing and working closely with external specialists and institutes in Regenerative Medicine, Applied Cancer Research and Biopharmaceuticals. He has been responsible for transferring UK-Sino biotech and implementing major projects.


    Professor. Bin Wang

    Bin is a highly regarded Professor of molecular virology and genetic engineering in China and an academic leader of Qingdao Bioscience in his role as Chairman of Qingdao Bioscience Association. He is also a Phd Director of Qingdao University.

    From 1991 to 1994, Bin studied under the guidance of Prof. Yi Zeng, an academician of The Chinese Academy of Science, achieving his doctorate degree.

    In 2002, Bin gained his Phd degree in Biochemistry and Microbiology from  Uppsala University.

    Currently  he holds the positions of  President of Qingdao University Basic Medical School, Director of Shandong province Molecular Virology laboratory, Director of Qingdao Medical Biotechnology Laboratory, President of Qingdao Bioscience Association, Committee member, for virology, of Chinese Medical Association, President of the Medical Biotech Association of Shandong Province, and is an editorial board member for the Chinese journal of experimental and clinical virology, China Biotechnology, Chinese journal of virology, and letters in biotechnology.

    As a technical consultant of Dream Laboratory in the Chinese market, Bin provides consultancy and support for project management review for projects conducted in China and promotes academic exchange via scholar exchange, academic symposia, and technical training.

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