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Qingdao Biotech Industrial Association
Qingdao Biotech Industrial Association (QDBIA) was established by Dream Laboratory board directors, Qingdao Chuangtou Biotech Management Ltd and Qingdao Bioscience Association. QDBIA integrates Biotech resources including the Hi-tech Park, research organizations, clinical organizations, suppliers, distributors, investors, venture capitalists and law offices in Qingdao and Shandong province.
Dream Laboratory will assist Members of QDBIA to provide joint research projects, contract manufacturing, Chinese market product agents and capital ventures for the UK Biotech organizations.

In order to provide Chinese healthcare market distribution for the UK/EU customers, Dream Laboratory directors co-funded, Sinodis in the UK. Sinodis is a distributing network integrating 20 distributors of medical devices and healthcare products in China. The network covers 32 of the 34 provinces in China. With their close cooperative relationships with healthcare organizations in China, these distributors already form the healthcare products distribution channel for many large companies including GE, Toshiba and Siemens. They have joined Sinodis-Dream Laboratory to provide UK/EU medical related products efficient low cost access to the Chinese market.

Qingdao Blue Biotech Park
Dedicating to becoming a life-science cluster, the Blue Biotech park with Pharmaceutical development GLP labs, Biopharmaceutical GMP pre-production plants, genomic and proteomics labs, is focusing on attracting and incubating companies specializing in small molecular drugs, protein drugs, recombinant biomedicines, TCM, Marine pharmaceutical, diagnostic test products, API, and medical devices.

The administrative organization behind this 2 billion pound project has developed a cooperative relationship with Dream Laboratory to integrate biotech related organizations through the Qingdao Biotech Innovation Association to incubate and facilitate biotech projects co-operation and transfer between UK and China. Dream Laboratory, as a founder member of the association, has extensive access to relevant biotech organizations in China to support the UK/EU customers’ Chinese market entry.

Qufu High-tech Park
Qufu, the hometown of Confucius, as well as the root of Chinese culture has within its High-tech park a number of fast developing biotech companies. Including NASDAQ listed companies specializing in TCM, pharmaceutical, and healthcare products. The local authorities and high-tech park have established a partnership with Dream Laboratory to attract and incubate new projects to locate to Qufu and to support export growth for the local businesses to the UK and EU market. Meanwhile, Dream Laboratory can provide access to promote market entry and export for UK/EU clients through the Qufu High Tech park.

  1. Zhuzhou-Changsha high-tech park

The National high-tech development zone and China-European High-tech park in Zhuzhou and Changsha respectively, contribute to the leading role of Zhuzhou and Changsha in TCM and pharmaceutical production in China. The region is also a centre for agricultural biotechnology. Several    well known and highly regarded TCM companies are already located in this region. Through visits to these high-tech parks and discussions with their administrative organizations and specific companies, Dream Laboratory has established cooperative relationships to promote TCM research cooperation and biotech projects transfer service for both UK/EU companies and the Chinese organizations.

Qingdao University
A cooperation agreement with Qingdao University gives Dream Laboratory access to research projects in the fields of drug discovery and development and traditional Chinese medicine being undertaken at the University. It can also signpost project and R&D support and resources through the academic faculty.

Being a member of NEPIC, Dream Laboratory can serve as a portal to promote and expand the business of other members into China. Through the NEPIC network, which includes 4 high-tech parks, local authorities in 6 different cities, regional universities, hospitals, investors and companies, Dream Laboratory is able to deliver personalized cooperative solution for organizations.

As a member of Regener8, Dream Laboratory supports UK regenerative medicine related organizations in communicating and cooperating with relevant Chinese institutes and organizations in both academic and commercial sectors. The network and relationships of Dream Laboratory covers local authorities, universities, investors, hospitals and commercial companies on both sides to facilitate efficient and effective cooperation for our clients.

Biopharmaceutical Bioprocessing Technology Centre (BBTC)
The Biopharmaceutical Bioprocessing Technology Centre at Newcastle University is equipped to support the biopharmaceutical industry, specialising in process modelling and control implemented through Quality by Design (QbD). The centre facilitates both R&D and practical skills training, during which doctorate students to work on industrial projects which have immediate commercial relevance. BBTC is working with Dream Laboratory in technology exchange and joint research between UK and China.

Newcastle Science City
It is developing an environment where science and business work and develop together in a manner and on a scale competitive with anywhere in the world. It is aimed to be the recognised authority for the promotion of Newcastle as a globally renowned venue for the promotion of science, enterprise and innovation.
Dream Laboratory has built up a strategic partnership with Newcastle Science City in developing and fostering sustainable business relationship between UK and Chinese companies/organizations in Bioscience industry.

Dr. Gavin Clark
As the business contact within the BBTC Dr. Gavin Clark provides expertise and industrial links for DreamLaboratory. With 20 years experience in international technology commercialization and industrial collaboration, Dr. Gavin Clark is providing experienced consultancy services in both technical and managerial aspects of the Biopharmaceutical and Bioprocessing industry.

Professor Xia Yujun
An experienced expert in biomedical research and preclinical research in China. Prof. Xia has integrated research organizations and Spin-out companies in Qingdao University Medical School and University Hospitals, which are located within the National Pre-production centre. Under the partnership with Prof. Xia, Dream Laboratory can provide support for both clinical and scientific research and commercialization in the fields of Pre-clinical and clinical research, Stem cell and regenerative medicine research as cell therapy for diabetes inhibition, Connection and networking with other pharmaceutical enterprise in China, especially for investments for profitable and promising biomedical project.

Beijing Zhongbei Law Office and Beijing Haodong Law Office
These established and well known Chinese law institutes are able to offer assistance to protect IP commercialization in China. With specialized expertise in the field of IP protection, patent application, regulatory registration and market entry strategies consulting, they can provide advice and help to UK clients launching generic and newly patented biotechnology into Chinese markets according to Chinese national regulatory requirements.

Wuhan National Bio-Industry Base (“Biolake”)

Wuhan National Biological Industry Base (“Biolake”) is located in Wuhan East Lake High-tech Zone with a total area of 1,600 m2. It is the second National Industry Base in this Zone, focussed on the integration and improvement of its biological medicine and biological agricultural resources, containing Bio-industry R&D, incubation, production, logistics, administration, as a body with complete infrastructure, industry supply chain and cost advantages. The Biolake mainly comprises bio-industry research, biobusiness incubators, the middle-stage test area(not clear what this is?), business district and biotechnology laboratory, animal experimental center, the key technology enlarge platform, professional incubator building, Biolake includes a bio-industry technical support and public service platform, to create a better hardware and software environment for the bio-business R&D and incubation. There are currently within the Biolake, 51 biopharmaceutical companies, 18 medical apparatus companies, 39 bioagriculture companies and 7 bio-energy companies.
The Biolake provides priority to the development of “bio-service outsourcing & bio-pharmacy”-oriented emerging industries, and strives to foster the modernisation of “traditional Chinese medicine & bio-agriculture”, strengthen the established “medical equipments & chemical agents” industries, and advanced leading industries in the emerging field of “bio-informatics & bio-energy”- Dream Laboratory has established strategic cooperation with Biolake and regional Universities, providing R&D and manufacture of biomedicine and bioagriculture to UK clients.

Hualan biological engineering Inc
Hualan Biological Engineering Inc. is a nationally important hi-tech enterprise in China engaging in Biomedical R&D and blood products manufacture. Founded in 1992 it became the largest Chinese blood product manufacturer with GMP Certification in 1998. As a large-scale bio-pharmaceutical company, Hualan has occupied the top position in China with the largest manufacturing abilities, R&D strength, experience with advanced biotechnology, first-class facilities, scientific management and integrated Supply chains. Through successfully completing several national, provincial and municipal technological projects Hualan has become a Top 30 Pharmaceutical company in China with the largest plasma processing capability and the highest market share for the last 15 years.
In 2009, Hualan obtained the first licence for H1N1 Vaccine in China. Hualan produces a series of blood products and vaccines including Albumin, IVIG, IMIG, PCC, Fibrin Sealant, and others.
Dream Laboratory has a strategic partnership with Hualan for UK market development and industrial cooperation. With its competitive strength in manufacture, R&D and supply chain in China, Hualan is able to provide contract production, distribution and sales in blood products and vaccines, and joint research opportunities in biomedical and biopharmaceutical technologies for UK clients with cutting-edge biotechnology and IP guarantees in Chinese Market.

Anhui Anke Biotechnology (Group) Co., Ltd.
Located in Hefei New and High Technology Development Area, Anhui Anke Biotechnology Co. Ltd is the main supplier of SARS vaccine to Chinese market. With specialization in the manufacturing and marketing of interferon and diagnostic products, based around their highly efficient Research & Development Center, AnkeBio have kept up with international development and undertaken 10 national projects in China. They have developed nearly 10 Novel Drugs in recent years. AnkeBio. Their leading products are Recombinant Human Growth Hormone (Ansomone®), Recombinant Human Interferon a2b (Anterferon®), and a range of diagnostic Kits.
Dream Laboratory has built up a strategic partnership with Anhui Anke Biotechnology Co.Ltd to support the research, manufacturing and distributing of interferon and diagnosis products of UK Bioscience companies. In addition, Anke will also support UK Bioscience IP transfer into China and guarantee the market share of it.

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