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  1. BioScience Matchmaking in Qingdao

In June 2012 Dream laboratory co-hosted a 3 day International conference on Bioscience matchmaking and technology exchange. Dream laboratory took a delegation of 10 businesses from the North East England, Scotland and Slovenia to Qingdao, China. The meeting was a huge success with several agreements signed at the conference and two more signed in the following days.

During the visit each company had several meetings with carefully matched potential Chinese partnering companies and organisations. Dream Laboratory works closely with it clients in both UK and China to ensure that all such meetings are prepared, specific and focused.


  1. Contract singing with Qingdao University


Dream Laboratory has signed a cooperative agreement with Qingdao University to transfer and transplant Biotech project and product in both way between UK and Qingdao.


  1. Qingdao Protein Drug Association Inaugural Meeting


Dream Laboratory was involved in the setting up of the Qingdao Protein Drug Industry Association.


  1. Qingdao Biotech company match-making seminar




  1. Visit to Qingdao High-tech Park Biotechnology Centre


Dream Laboratory has established cooperative relationship with blue biotech park in Qingdao to integrate Bioscience related organizations within Shandong Province and build up a first class protein analysis centre.


  1. Asia-Eu match-making event


Participation the Asia-Eu match-making event during a visit to Changsha and Zhuzhou high-tech development zone.


  1. Visit to Qufu High-tech park


A bioscience transfer platform was set up with Qufu local authorities and the high-tech park to provide two-way biotech transfer for both UK and Qufu organizations.


  1. Agreement signing with Qingdao High-tech park


Cooperation with Beijing Science Park Development (Group) Co. Ltd and Qingdao Bioscience Association to build up Biotech Transferring Association in Qingdao.

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